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   Adhering to the concept of "Success through Cooperation", SEPCOIII devote itself to building the project with the best quality and the economic and technical indicators within the shortest period. Promoting international production capacity cooperation, SEPCOIII has held Management Seminar on International EPC power plant projects for five years and enjoys the fullest respect.

   SEPCOIII engaged in fulfilling social responsibilities in terms of energy-saving and emission-reduction, engineering design optimization and the pursuit of an integrated value maximization of economic, social and environment. Keen on localization strategy, SEPCOIII provides training for local staff and actively applies new technologies and new crafts to promote the efficiency and prosperity of local society.SEPCOIII also pays great attention to contributing public welfare via joining in various social welfare activities at home and abroad, participating in charities and supporting cultural and educational and health services. In 2009, SEPCOIII received the Social Responsibility Award for Chinese International Contractors.

ddd138 com无弹窗_ddd138 com最新章节 ddd138 com无弹窗_ddd138 com最新章节 ,88ququ无弹窗全文阅读_88ququ无弹窗 88ququ无弹窗全文阅读_88ququ无弹窗 firstprev123456789nextlast